Sunday, November 30, 2014

The feeling of emptiness when you see the world for what it is

Jumping straight into the topic of emptiness. And psychedelics. And more emptiness.

Emptiness feels so vacant, so blank, so lonely. Psychedelics can feel so scary, so beautiful and so enlightening.

It'd be silly to assume psychedelics cause a chain reaction in our brains, but could this emptiness be linked to them?

There is no debate I currently have seen which describe psychedelics as anything but useful for the right people. By right people, I do not mean a select criteria. People may do them through their own judgement, research and caution - you'd hope. With that being said, they aren't for anyone. Neither are apple pies, alcohol and chocolates.

Back to the topic of emptiness... What's there to be said? In one context, the world is fine the way it is. In another, everything is wrong. The system is wrong, and anyone who has opened their minds or woken up and realized the rat race is the wrong one knows the feeling of being surrounded by people who can't stop because they think THIS IS LIFE. This is the way life should be, and everyone who doesn't go by the book has wronged themselves, their parents or society and their standards.

Forget everything you've been taught for a few moments. Forget religion, forget politics, forget education and pretend you've been born for the first time and are capable of critical thinking with a skeptical, open-minded view.

Remember the tribal days and realize to live is not to suffer, simply because suffering itself does not exist. Pain is a feeling which may be described as suffering. Emotionally, physically, whatever, but without the English or other languages, we would not know suffering. We have been taught suffering, just as we have been taught how to live. Back in the tribal days, killing was not necessarily murder. Breasts were breasts and not emphasized sexually. We were meant to be racist and scared of one another. Now though, we're meant to be civil and evolved, but there is still so much that is failing including that among it all.

I could go on about how the world is failing and that the only thing that will survive is the planet because the people are too stupid to sustain themselves as a whole, but I'd like to encourage people to be very skeptical of what you hear, see and read. Imagine your whole life was a lie. Luckily for me, it came up slowly... Imagine coming down and wishing you were somewhere else. Not wanting to die, but not happy with the state of living. Wanting to be away from avarice, rats, the big city. For many people, the dream is to head to a big city and live that life but it's not for me because I woke up.

Ahh, then the feeling of emptiness. It has gotten worse because I realize that some people stay in the game FOREVER. The feeling of emptiness I have allows me to appreciate the beauty of the world that people take for granted, like trees and leaves and photography. Appreciate design, art and have more human compassion for real things. Be driven by passion and don't give up if you truly believe in something. But the rest of that emptiness, knows that without psychedelics and a special someone in my life, I would have been stuck oblivious in bliss. Or blissfully oblivious! Indulging in consumerism as usual, and mixing with people who weren't true to me let alone themselves. A part of everyone knows, the truth hurts and ignorance is bliss.

Could I have it all wrong though? Is it easier to live a life of ignorance? I'd say so.

Live freely, live openly.

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